Greetings from Sage Restaurant and Wine Bar!!!

We are exicited to announce the completion of Sage Restaurant's Phase 1 Upgrading works. We will officialy reopened on       Monday, 21st August 2017 for Lunch and Dinner. 

Phase 2 Renovation of our POP UP KITCHEN is expected to complete by end of September 2017.

It is a great feeling in knowing that we have put some vibrancy back into the restaurant after so many years and we are all looking forward to serve all our loyal patrons and guests.



“Food is like a work of art. The plate is my canvas. The ingredients are my paint. The customers are my critique.”

- Chef Daniel

Ultimately, a great meal is not only about the food, wine and service. A great meal is a journey. And the journey does not begin here at Sage, but from the local farmers and suppliers whom Takashi collaborates closely with and his determination to change people’s perception on food.

The focus of his dishes is on using only the freshest ingredients available to create the regularly changing menus. “From the farmers and suppliers, to the kitchen and to the table, you realize it is a cycle”, says Takashi. “I am but merely the middle person”.

In addition, the support and commitment obtained from both of Sage’s main wine merchants further contributes to this journey. Amidst a selection of over 300 labels, the intricate wine pairings at Sage creates an exploratory dining experience as many of the wines are exclusively sourced for the restaurant and served at retail prices. With the assistance of our in house sommelière, let us lead you to a new culinary experience.

Your journey begins here


Call for reservation: +603-2268 1328   Opening hours: Lunch (Mon-Fri): 12pm-2pm | Dinner (Mon-Sat): 6pm-10.30pm | Closed on Sunday